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The arrest of Bahir Dar rally organizers provoked outrage

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Ethiopian military articulation on the activities of Eyu Chufa. Talking during the giving over service, Chinese Embassy Minister Counselor Liu Yu said the gift is an outflow of appreciation from the Chinese people group to the Government of Ethiopia and individuals for their long-standing help for the activity of Chinese organizations.

It is additionally an exhibit of assurance from the Chinese business local area to stand side by side with Ethiopia in the work to battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, she added.

As indicated by Yu, the collaboration among Ethiopia and China isn’t just government-to-government yet additionally individuals to-individuals.

Under the joint endeavors of governments and people groups of Ethiopia and China, the connection between the two nations will turn out to be nearer and more grounded, the pastor advisor said, adding that the nations will likewise hold hands to make a brilliant eventual fate of basic thriving.

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