The artists dancing for Buhe and Ashenda

Ethiopian Christians commemorate the transfiguration of Jesus Christ at Mount Tabor by participating in a number of religious ceremonies and cultural celebrations known as Buhe Festival. The event is being celebrated at Debre Tabor Town, South Gondar Zone, in Mount Tabor of Ethiopia with thousands of believers, high-ranking government officials, including the Industry Minister Melaku Alebel, performers, and guests in attendance. Youths dress in vibrant clothing for the Buhe festival, which takes place on August 19. They go door to door while banging drums and singing traditional and religious songs, and in exchange, elders give them money and other presents. Due to the fact that the occasion falls on one of the days of the fast of Ethiopia, traditional fasting foods and beverages are offered at home. The faithful of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church celebrate the distinctive outdoor religious and cultural festival, Buhe, on the thirteenth day of the Ethiopian month Nehase, as the rainy season is about to come to an end and the Ethiopian New Year is just around the corner. One of the older yearly religious and cultural festivals is called Buhe, also known as the Festival of Transfiguration or the Festival of Debre Tabor. The celebration has been observed by members of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church to honour God and remember the miraculous occurrence that took place on Tabor Mountain. On August 19, 2017, Ethiopians commemorate the Buhe Holiday by attending a church service at Gola St. Michael Church. Buhe Holiday, an Ethiopian celebration.

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