The beautiful actress of Adey drama Bemnet Mulugeta

Olive panics and kisses the first man she sees, hoping to show her closest friend that she is in a relationship. This turns out to be Adam Carlsen, a young new professor with a track record as a lab tyrant. Unexpectedly, Adam agrees to continue Olive’s ruse and pose as her lover. The two scientists quickly discover that there is an unmistakable chemistry developing despite their disagreements. Doctor Zhivago and his family flee Moscow during the Russian Revolution and go to the Ural Mountains. He ends up in the center of the conflict between the Whites and Reds instead of finding sanctuary. His growing love for Lara shines out above everything else in the middle of this chaos. Alex is a British royal, and Henry is the son of the American president. Both of their PR teams agree that a phony relationship is the best course of action to undertake damage control when the feud between them reaches a very public breaking point. But as the two eventually get to know one another, their pretended friendship develops into a covert relationship that could have political repercussions for both of their families. As an orphan growing up, Jane develops her strength and independence. She later becomes a governess, when she develops an intense love affair with her boss. However, Jane is forced to make a difficult decision when she discovers a dreadful secret about her beloved and must decide between her honor and her love.

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