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The beautiful Eritrean artist Millen Hailu

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The wonderful Eritrean craftsman Millen Hailu grabbed the eye of Ethiopian specialists. Millen Hailu is a mainstream Eritrean craftsman/band, better known for the melodies: “Aytiwesawes”, “Kokebey”, “Mechiuni”. It’s anything but an astonishing week for Asmara as it has been visited by two renowned craftsmen from the amusement world, Tiffany Haddish, and Joss Stone. Today, I give you perhaps the most skilled and regarded performer of our country, Millen Hailu.

Other than her looks, she is likewise popular for her video cuts the majority of which have been coordinated and arranged without help from anyone else. In the wake of watching her perform in front of an audience and on recordings, I sure was astounded to discover that the stage diva truly is a modest sweet young lady. In her excursion as a performer, Millen Hailu, other than her innovative abilities to make extraordinary video cuts, has figured out how to concoct wonderful melodies that assume control over her fans’ hearts.

Questions and answers present this brilliant artist, choreographer, chief, and entertainer. Millen actually expects to settle the score greater and sparkles across media outlets of Eritrea. I think I got my moving side interest from my aunts. I used to see them all dance around the house and I unquestionably can say that I have been intensely impacted by their excitement. We as a whole used to move before a mirror in our home. With that, it was anything but unexpected that I’ve fostered a diversion of hitting the dance floor with my companions throughout our break times. That is the point at which our instructor, Efrem Fiqadu, saw my advantage in music and dance.

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