The birthday celebration of artist Malat Welde

Birthdays are commemorated differently in each culture. However, the goal is always the same: to celebrate another year of life. While others consider birthdays to be occasions for introspection and self-improvement. Others think it’s a time to celebrate and unwind with loved ones. We all mark this significant day in our lives with love and happiness, regardless of how you choose to celebrate. Let’s examine the origins and significance of birthdays to comprehend why we commemorate them annually. Birthdays are an occasion for both looking backward and forward. They are a moment to rejoice in life’s blessings and face its difficulties. And it’s a chance for us to express our affection for our family members. Birthdays are significant because they serve as a reminder of our progress and accomplishments. They provide us with an opportunity to evaluate our life, make plans for the future, and think back on the past. Birthdays are also an occasion to honour those who have supported us no matter what. Our loved ones, friends, and family have all contributed to the persons we are today. Birthday celebrations have been a custom since ancient times. Over 4,000 years ago in ancient Egypt, the first birthday party was held. The gods gave humanity life, according to Egyptian belief, and they came to Earth to greet newborns. Therefore, to honour the individual, they observed their birth anniversary.

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