The bride on her wedding day singing for her mom

Before the wedding, the bride and her bridesmaids typically gather together for a day of beauty services and garment fittings. She chooses the ideal bridal gown, has spa treatments, and has her hair and makeup done. Her bridesmaids assist her with getting ready on the wedding day and make sure she is prepared to walk down the aisle. Her fiancé is as preoccupied with wedding preparations. He makes sure he looks presentable, picks the appropriate accessories, and gets himself ready to take his place at the altar. He is supported by his best man, who also makes sure that the groom is ready for marriage. The arrival of the groom is undoubtedly the highlight of Ethiopian weddings. It takes place the day of the wedding, when the groom arrives at the bride’s home early in the morning after spending hours getting ready at his home with his friends and families. He will visit his bride’s home after preparing himself for the big day. Everyone on the bride’s side will go to the front door and hold it shut with all the might they have when he arrives. They will do this by blocking the entrance and chanting the customary song “anasgebam sergegna edej yetegna” before the groom enters.

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