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The bride surprised her husband and family

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Meeting with the new lady Mrs. Selamawit about her shock on her big day. The thought really came from Mekbib Tadesse. He referenced our first test and moved me to attempt it with one model playing a couple of various characters.

I imagined that was incredible! What’s more, this time I needed to work together with the female photographic artists I appreciated on Instagram. So I contacted them and they were eager to cooperate.”

The picture takers she teamed up with are notable in Addis Ababa’s photography scene — Tsion Haileselassie, Sehin Tewabe, and Yeabsera Agonafer who wound up displaying for the meeting. The main test occurred at the Japan natural product market with five picture takers and one model.

“I’m keen on pictures and I am moved by stories. Recently, I’ve been rehearsing reasonable photography. Picking a thought or something I am cooking in contemplations and making an interpretation of it into a photo.

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