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The brothers met for the first time ever

Some stereotypes are harder to get rid of than others. It’s a prevalent misconception that mothers who relinquish custody of their kids are unfit parents. That is something Rebekah has to deal with every day. She tried to avoid the topic after giving her son’s father custody of him for a couple of years. The general public is starting to understand that giving up some control over a child’s upbringing is in a mother’s best interests. Every birth mother makes the decision to give her child up for adoption for a number of reasons, and each adoptive parent and circumstance are different. You’ve never chosen anything like this before. There are many people who think of adopting a child. According to a recent YouGov study, one-quarter of Americans had an adopted friend or family member. Nobody should “approve” your decision to consider adoption, regardless of the reason(s) you have for doing so. You are a good mother no matter what path you choose for your child’s future if you want to provide them the greatest life possible.

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