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Before singing, it’s important to warm up your voice, and there are many exercises available for singers of all ages, vocal ranges, and levels of experience. Always start your workouts slowly by warming up your facial muscles first. By blowing through your lips, extending out your tongue as far as it will go, rubbing your face, and sighing sweetly, you can relax the muscles in your lips and jaw. As you warm up, don’t be scared to make some noise. Allow your voice to fluctuate across its range. Then start humming or even perform some gentle tongue trills or lip rolls. You shouldn’t begin singing actual notes until you feel as though your face, mouth, and voice are becoming more relaxed. Take some time to relax after your lesson, performance, or audition. Although lists of vocal-health advice frequently leave out cooling down, it’s a pretty easy approach to maintain voice health for singers. Sigh with a downward pitch. Yawn to let any stress that has been building out of your soft palate. Roll your lips lightly while letting your voice to softly descend once again. Give your voice five or ten minutes to return to its regular speaking range. Water is the obvious choice if you’re wondering what to drink to improve your singing. The best beverage for your singing voice is water, followed by herbal teas (but not too hot). Drink water all day long, and have a bottle on hand for lessons and practices. Additionally, don’t assume that a few sips of water while you’re warming up would suffice. Keep your entire body moisturized to keep your voice folds well-lubricated, which will improve their performance.

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