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The cast of zetenegaw shi movie series

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The cast of zetenegaw shi film arrangement. For as long as quite a while the country’s income is influenced by various reasons,” he reminded and adds, “The circumstance beginning from 2016/17 that was hit with political flimsiness decreased the country’s income age which has now been stung some more by the COVID 19 impact. The arranged costs in open workplaces should move to the following year’s spending plan for execution due to absence of asset, this time around.”

He said the law implementation during the current year has likewise concocted costs and helpful guide which has additionally expanded, in contrast to different periods. “The coming year’s spending plan is compounding with the previous year’s monetary weight. We need to see the circumstance truly and to be reasonable to speed up the achievement of continuous responsibilities and spotlight on formative tasks.”

Teferi clarified that the asset envelope is controlled under a solitary coffer for 190 public bodies because of that any foundations whether they are answerable for the government or the parliament should table their proposition on schedule. The spending plan is controlled by the macroeconomic and monetary system and public bodies should think about the nation’s assets. At the spending request Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, and Secretariat of the House of Peoples’ Representatives have shielded their spending recommendations.

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