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The children has a message for their mother

A few days before my fifth birthday, I threw a rock through our front room’s sizable bay window just to hear it break. I packed a bag of clothes and a book when I was nine and yelled, “I hate you. When you get home, don’t expect me to be here. I had heard of the unconditional love of Christ, but neither when I became a Christian nor when I got married did I truly understand the meaning of the word “unconditional” as it applied to God’s love for us. Conditions weighed heavily on my love for others. Although I never mentioned “deal breakers” or behaviors I found intolerable, deal breakers did exist. And throughout each incident (and countless others I’d never write out for the world to read), I was confident that no matter what I did, my mother would always love me. My mother has always loved me. Mothers act in this way. Through the terrible, they can see the lovely. Beyond our deeds, they are aware of us. The concept of “unconditional love” made sense to me once I had children. It’s interesting how, after twenty-seven years of trying to understand the idea of unconditional love, it suddenly became clear to me. Being a mother for my daughter’s first few moments of life made me realize there was nothing my teeny, pink baby could ever do to get rid of me. I could not help but love this creation, regardless of my actions, words, or decisions. Ever. And it was through getting to know my daughters that I was able to witness God’s unwavering love for his writhing, squawking creations (that would be us), and I started to get a glimpse of God’s motherly side.

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