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The church does not apologize – Aba Wolde Giorgis Abeje

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Meeting with Aba Wolde Giorgis Abeje on undertakings of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewihado Church. Convictions of The standard Tewehado church, We have faith in one God the Father god-like, producer of paradise, earth, and everything apparent and undetectable. By Him, all things were made, and Without Him was nothing in paradise or earth made. We trust in Jesus Christ, His lone Son, our Lord, who for us men and for our salvation descended from paradise, was made man and was manifest from the Holy Spirit and from the heavenly Virgin Mary.

He became man, was killed for the wellbeing of we in the times of Pontius Pilate, endured, passed on, was covered, and became alive once again. On the third day, as was written in the blessed sacred writings, rose in brilliance into paradise, sat at the correct hand of His Father, and will come back again in magnificence to pass judgment on the living and the dead. There is no limit to His rule.

We have confidence in the Holy Spirit, the nurturing God, who proceedeth from the Father and who talked by the prophets. We revere and extol Him with the Father and the Son. We put stock in one heavenly, widespread, biblical church, and we have confidence in one sanctification for the reduction of sins, and hang tight for the restoration from the dead and the life to come, world without end. So be it!

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