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The close meeting held in Asmera

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The debate about Meskel square and the congregation reaction letter. What was seized in Addis Abeba yesterday? Whatever types of government a nation embraces, if the operationalizing apparatuses do exclude powerful majority rules system, lived morals, and perfect equity, circumstances will not be helpful for quiet concurrence and soon it will have returned to the future where early-stage senses (personality legislative issues) will acquire the high ground. Nonetheless, not at all like the new past, the worldwide world of politics appears to support open discourse between heroes in the African political scene.

Unfortunately, it is currently debauchery and amazing/political defilement instead of goodness and great administration that pass as attributes of the cultivated culture in our immense and quick dividing district. The current maxim of Africa’s ‘tough men’, (very few ladies) is by all accounts actually like that of notable oligarchs of days of old: ‘Guarantee everything. Clarify nothing. Deny everything.’

At this point, we ought to despondently recognize that fact is a wrongdoing to those fixated on power. Also, we ought to leave to the way that our present chiefs are likely unequipped for rising above tribalism and will before long lead the landmass to “make nothing from everything.” PJ O’Rourke. Great day! No big surprise the quantity of totally fizzled and bombing states in Africa continues expanding! For instance, every one of the three Federal provinces of Africa.

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