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The colonel was captured in the city of Gasai

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Andafta Daily Ethiopian News | August 21, 2021. This was uncovered during the normal week by week preparation by the representative of the Ministry, Dina Mufti, which was hung on Thursday, August 19, 2021. He said that the Ministry has finished an examination that will assist with making its discretionary tasks powerful.

It very well may be reviewed that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D.) talked about rethinking the importance of existing consulates and consular workplaces across the world in a parliamentary location a couple of months prior. “We don’t need a particularly colossal discretionary mission across the world. We need to lessen the quantity of our government offices to 30,” the PM had said.

In his respect, Dina expressed that a portion of the international safe havens are furnished with countless labor and not a legitimate discretionary movement. Subsequently, by diminishing that human asset, it is not difficult to decrease the Ministry’s costs.

“The current pandemic has affected the world economy, which has likewise constrained organizations to perform with restricted HR,” Dina said. He added, “A portion of the government offices have been opened without appropriate exploration and are loved like a congregation or mosque, yet don’t convey the legitimate political movement.”

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