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The Colonel’s press statement about the battle of Tigray

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Explanation by Colonel Getenet Adane about the skirmish of Tigray. The military’s advertising chief, Colonel Getnet Adane, said the military had been migrated from Tigray to the middle, east, west, and south of the country according to government request because of inner and outer dangers. “Exploiting the present circumstance, the TPLF civilian army, which was stowing away in the shrubbery, was constraining individuals and upsetting their tranquil exercises,” he said.

He additionally said that the activity taken by the Defense Forces has empowered individuals to get back to their ordinary lives. He said a ton of work has been done to assist the rancher with developing, exchange, and instruct understudies. The colonel said that while the recovery work is being heightened, individuals are being upset by the TPLF.

“In the event that the fear monger bunch keeps on threatening individuals, it will keep on utilizing power,” he said. He asked social activists to offer individuals a reprieve and get back to improvement. The chief said: “This psychological militant gathering, whose principle work is to trick general society by erroneously professing to have won, The current plane accident isn’t as he says; It was a conscious follow up on his part when he emerged from stowing away on June 15 to observe Martyrs’ Day. ”


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