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There are many reasons why some parents choose to cook by themselves. At times, it happens faster. It’s cleaner. Often, it’s simply… simpler. However, when families cook together, the advantages to everyone outweigh the additional cleanup. We offer three reasons why you should start cooking together if you don’t already. And if your family is already making meals together, that’s fantastic. Families can first and foremost connect, bond, and cooperate when cooking together. The truth of modern families is that most of us are quite busy, spending the majority of our time on job, school, children’s activities, homework, and other commitments. We get a chance to pause, catch up, and just connect with one other when we set out a time when the whole family can prepare a dinner together. It will also offer everyone something to look forward to when you can designate one or more meals that you always prepare as a family. Pizza on Friday, brunch on Sunday, or whatever works best for your family. Another option is to choose a weekend day to collaborate on meal prep for the next week. Even when they are experimenting on their own, kids can pick up a variety of abilities in the kitchen. However, a lot of the “soft skills” that children might learn truly only shine when they are cooking with others. When you cook as a family, children of all ages—from preschoolers to teens—can develop their social skills, communication abilities, teamwork abilities, and more.

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