The contestants who finished in 15 minutes

The only way to completely eliminate harmful bacteria from food is to properly cook it, as improperly cooked food can make you sick. Make sure the food is steaming hot before consuming it to determine whether it has been cooked properly. Before eating cooked food, especially meat, it’s important to cut it in half and make sure the center is scalding hot. To check if the food has been cooked through, use a cooking thermometer. In the middle of boiling most foods, the heating temperature should be over 70C for at least two minutes. If not properly cooked, pork, poultry, and meat products can be dangerous. Make a cut through the middle of the meat to make sure there is no pink meat left while determining whether the sausage, burger, chicken, and pork are cooked through. When food is prepared, stored, and transported improperly, it can be potentially harmful and cause a number of illnesses, including sickness, bacterial infections, diarrhea, worms, upset stomachs, headaches, nausea, and even death. Cooking gives you the chance to make meals that are well-balanced and contain the necessary amounts of protein, carbohydrate, and fat, as well as the vitamins and minerals the body needs. The body feels satisfied after consuming this balanced diet, which discourages late-night snacking. Food that has been properly prepared will have a high fat and salt content, making it taste better. When you prepare food at home, you have complete control over the salt and oil content of your meal. To avoid future issues, make sure that salt and fat are cooked properly.

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