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The controversial interview of Artist Veronika

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The Korean Cultural Center of Chicago is right now facilitating an independent craftsmanship display by Dr. Kuhn Hong named “Ethiopian: Hands Stretched out to God” from April 16-27, 2021. It was so endearing to associate with a Korean-conceived doctor and craftsman who live in another nation however displaying works of art generally done in my nation of origin Ethiopia. It is because of my Ethiopian partner in Chicago, Mr, Abera Sisay of the Global Alliance for the privileges of Ethiopians, who sent me the contact subtleties of the craftsman, especially for this meeting. Obviously, Dr. Kuhn Hong was so kind in giving the data and fine pictures of his fine arts. I might want to say congrats on his independent presentation and I will allow the perusers to become acquainted with him more.

Brought into the world in South Korea, Dr. Kuhn Hong took a stab at his scholarly examinations since his childhood. Nonetheless, he discovered comfort in his recreation time doodling on the rear of papers. In grade school, his doodles won numerous prizes from workmanship challenges. In secondary school, he sought after craftsmanship all the more genuinely yet was smothered by his folks who were anxious about the possibility that a craftsman couldn’t get by after the conflict. Therefore, Kuhn went to clinical school, yet that didn’t stop his adoration for painting. He joined a gathering of individual clinical understudies and nursing understudies and went through end of the week painting together. They got an opportunity to have craftsmanship shows.

Subsequent to moving on from clinical school, Dr. Hong came to Chicago, finished residency preparing, and began his training. His ignores lay while he was caught up with working at the medical clinic and raising his family with his better half. It wasn’t until his work on a momentary clinical mission trip down the Amazon River in Peru when he got his ink pen and reignited his imaginative intensity. While treating many patients in little stream towns, he began to draw individuals he experienced and the encompassing landscape in a little sketchbook during breaks. Duplicates of those ink drawings were imparted to individuals who gave medication, cash and petitioned God for his main goal endeavors. His first independent display was in Seoul, Korea after the exhibition proprietor saw his ink drawings.

After numerous long periods of clinical practice and mission trips, Dr. Hong resigned and moved to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to serve in a mission emergency clinic as a volunteer radiologist for a very long time, from 2013 to 2018. During his time in Addis Ababa, he went through the ends of the week and evening hours painting unreservedly. He held presentations at Asni Gallery and at the mission clinic where he served. He was welcome to exhibit his craftsmanship at Viviene Gallerie in Paris, France also.

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