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The cost of being attractive

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The study looks at how the appeal of children in need influences the empathy they arouse and the assistance they ultimately receive from unrelated people. The findings of the authors are in line with the notion that “beautiful is good” and show that handsome youngsters are given credit for desirable traits connected to social competence. Ironically, the authors discover that, as long as the need is not urgent, these attributions lessen the empathy evoked by attractive youngsters and the assistance they receive from unrelated adults. Four experiments show that these effects exist. According to the research, there is a considerable price to pay for beauty, and there is a significant exception to the generalization that beauty is good. The findings also have practical ramifications for how kids are depicted in advertisements for charities, children’s hospitals, and disaster relief organizations. You’d assume that a woman’s life would be wonderful if she had a figure fit for a magazine, perfect teeth, and all the correct attributes. However, in practice, it isn’t always the case. The curse of beauty does exist, to be sure. In order to feel safer, many gorgeous women would prefer to disappear within a box of invisibility. No. They just claim that the attention they receive has a steep price; they don’t ask to be unattractive.

It has an impact on how individuals behave, how they feel about themselves, and how other people see them and, as a result, judge them.

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