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The court’s decision on Lidetu Ayalew

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The conversation zeroed in on the harmony and strength of the Horn of Africa and the whole locale just as the current circumstance in Ethiopia, as per the Ethiopian National Defense Force. UK’s Ambassador to Ethiopia said after the conversation that UK’s respective connection with Ethiopia would assume an essential part to carry out the recently settled collaboration with African nations.

The Ambassador additionally called attention to that he has traded sees with ENDF’s Chief of Staff on military, harmony, and other related issues so as to additional improve the essential organization of the two nations. As indicated by the Ambassador, the new law requirement activity completed in the Tigray area has added to guaranteeing law and order in the country and the general tranquility of the district.

General Berhanu Jula as far as concerns him said that Ethiopia has been working with nations in the locale with the end goal of achieving manageable harmony. He likewise expressed that exercises being in progress on the mainland peacekeeping activities will likewise be upgraded.

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