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the cultural ambassador yezina negash

An ambassador is a person who promotes a country, school, or organization by building favorable relationships with others. A good ambassador is concerned with bringing people, businesses, and countries together while remaining loyal to the country or region being represented. Being a successful ambassador necessitates negotiation skills, a certain level of competence, and honesty. A good ambassador is dependable. Employers, whether they are from a school, a company, or a country, need to know that any information they give with the ambassador is not shared in an indiscriminate manner. Everything that is shared should be utilized with caution. Even when she disagrees or is tempted to swap sides, a steady ambassador remains loyal to her employer or country. A diplomat must cope with a wide range of situations, personalities, and political undercurrents. A good ambassador often has to cope with less-than-ideal situations and people who refuse to compromise. A successful ambassador understands how to mediate a stressful situation and reach a settlement that benefits all parties involved. A diplomat who isn’t afraid of other cultures or people is a valuable asset. While some people struggle to adjust to situations outside of their comfort zone, such as cultures and languages, an effective ambassador welcomes the opportunity to meet with others who are different from what he is used to from his own experiences.

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