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The current situation of Ethiopians in Saudi and the government’s response

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The current circumstance of Ethiopians in Saudi detainment facilities and the public authority’s reaction. Ethiopia is disheartened by the “Goal” of the Executive Council of the League of Arab States on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) gave on 15 June 2021 after its gathering held in Doha, Qatar. Ethiopia dismisses the “Goal” completely. Indeed, this isn’t the first run through the League of Arab States gave an assertion with respect to its confused situations on the GERD.

Because of its deplorable help to the ridiculous cases of Egypt and Sudan in regards to the GERD, the League of Arab States has effectively wasted its chance to assume a productive part. It ought to be completely clear that vain endeavors like this to internationalize and politicize the GERD won’t prompt feasible local collaboration in the use and the executives of the Nile.

The League of Arab States should realize that use of the Nile waters is likewise an existential matter for Ethiopia. It is tied in with lifting a large number of its kin out of servile destitution and meeting their energy, water, and food security needs. Ethiopia is practicing its real right to utilize its water assets in full regard for worldwide water laws and the rule of causing no critical mischief. Ethiopia solidly accepts that it is just through participation and exchange that the water security of any of the Nile Basin states can be accomplished. The Nile is a common asset and not a restrictive property of Egypt and Sudan.

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