“The DNA result..” besintu comedy drama chapter 1 episode 26

One wolf roams, hunts, and raises a paw in celebration of its independence in a wilderness that is constantly buffeted by an arctic wind. It is an incredible creature that doesn’t depend on anyone and only needs its fur, fangs, and oxygen in its lungs. It’s an admirable notion, but it’s also unrealistically romantic. Because wolves are a social creature that depends on others, like humans, most lone wolves die. While we need our pack to supply stores, they need their pack to bring down prey. While our pack constructs an apartment complex, their pack finds a comfortable cave to sleep in. We imitate their pack’s facial nuzzling, cuddling, and rolling about in the snow. One trait that unites us more than any other, one deed that brings us together in the most delightful way imaginable, is our sense of humor. Laughter is a razor-sharp cutlass that makes us the fiercest of conquerors in the fight for social acceptance, where we establish an empire of joyous citizens who are all-too-happy to be overthrown. It’s a beloved behavior that has the capacity to transform strangers into friends, lovers into lifelong partners, and lovers into lovers—the rock-solid foundation of happy relationships. A good sense of humor can change our life from a solitary journey into a wonderful community that is full of playful proddings, rib-digging laughter, and wild smiles. Our reliance on one another can be incredibly wonderful when humor is included.

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