The DNA result is in…Did Sintayehu find his family

A child’s parents and any siblings are their very first relationships. These relationships, healthy or not, serve as a template for how relationships in the future should be. For better or worse, people frequently select acquaintances and lovers depending on how similar they are to their family, even when it isn’t a deliberate choice. Repetition in family dynamics strengthens self- and relationship-related ideas. People require assistance when times are difficult. This can take the form of financial or emotional support. Those that trust their family to offer support and love will turn to them when going through difficult circumstances. People have a basic need to be welcomed and understood while they are going through a personal crisis. Families, whether they are biological or adopted, can offer that. Families can offer the affection and support required for contentment in both good and terrible times. In adulthood, it might be challenging to find friends or a purpose. A person will always be able to find the love and support they need if their family is solid. A person will find the will and fortitude to succeed if their family is behind them. On the other hand, a person will experience feelings of loneliness, depression, and even hopelessness if they don’t receive love and support from their family. Traditions are centred in families. Many families continue traditions over the years by exchanging historical tales. Connections are made with deceased family members as a result.

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