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The DNA results are in…..what does they reveal

The first time my son’s new girlfriend came home for dinner, she spent the entire meal texting on her phone. She was attempting to conceal it under the table and make it appear as like she was paying attention to our chat, but it was clear that she was talking to someone more significant. PDA that is overdone is something I detest. In front of my husband, my other children, and myself, my son’s girlfriend displayed a lot of affection. When we initially met his girlfriend, I felt quite uneasy because she kept sneaking up behind him and squeezing him or kissing his cheeks. I know how it feels to be young and in love, but there is never a good moment or location to propose to your partner in front of his parents. For the holidays, my brother invited his brand-new girlfriend over. We all got up to clear the table and start washing the dishes after a family supper, with the exception of her. She continued to play a game on her phone while seated at the table. She later dumped her used wrapping paper to the floor after we had exchanged gifts, leaving the mess for someone else to pick up. She was quite disrespectful and rude. The instances when we get to sit down and chat are seldom because my grandson is now a busy, working adult. I sat next to him at dinner last Thanksgiving to catch up, but his new girlfriend took over and started answering questions and leading the conversation. She cut me off as I began to share a humorous tale about him when he was a little lad. She tried to pretend as like she knew our grandson far better than we did, and I found it annoying that she wasn’t interested in anything the family had to say.

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