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The doctors said he wouldn’t survive

According to the country’s Federal Police Commission, 1,848 persons died in traffic accidents in Ethiopia during the first six months of the current 2020-2021 Ethiopian fiscal year, which begins in July 2020. According to Federal Police Commission authorities, the East African country saw more than 20,600 traffic accidents between July and the end of December 2020, resulting in 1,848 deaths, according to state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC). According to the commission’s figures, 2,646 persons were seriously injured in traffic accidents over the time period in question, with another 2,565 receiving minor injuries. Despite having one of the lowest per capita car ownership rates in the world, fatal traffic accidents are rather common, with inadequate roads, a defective license issuance system, and lax enforcement of road safety being blamed.
With a booming economy and a burgeoning middle class, the East African country has seen an average annual increase in car numbers of more than 10% for several years.

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