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Hanna, who is on the board of the nonprofit Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (AATH), argues that laughing alters brain activity. According to studies that examined the brain activity of participants who were laughing, this emotion can trigger healing gamma waves that are comparable to those experienced by long-term meditators. By consistently donning a tiara throughout the month, she invited this absurdity into her life. Wearing it as she prepared to tape her ABC News segments, keeping it on her apartment’s countertop as a reminder to relax and laugh, and wearing it whenever she wanted a five-minute giggle were all things she did. She always felt better and happier after it. You don’t even have to laugh aloud to add humor to your life, according to Dr. Hanna: “Just finding something humorous or interesting can have the same effects.” Humor enables you to view situations in an original and unexpected manner, she continues. Given the year we’ve had, we could all use more laughter right now, especially as we head into the ambiguity of winter. “It’s not about making difficult things funny or ignoring pain and suffering, but allowing ourselves to also see the lighter side of life more often as a way to release the tension and recharge our own battery.” Here’s how to make your daily activities more amusing and humorous.

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