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The drying of Euphrates and some of the heard noises

Since the country in the Middle East has been experiencing an increase in heat, government sources have even issued a warning that the Tigris and Euphrates rivers may totally dry up by 2040. Water levels in reservoirs along the Euphrates, like the Qadisiyah Lake, were noticeably low this year. The harvest of farmers in the Kurdistan area is in jeopardy due to Lake Dukan’s declining levels. Overall, according to government officials, water reserves are 50% lower than they were a year ago. The effects of acute drought on biodiversity are one of the key issues in freshwater ecosystems, according to Colvin. Pollutant concentration rises when water levels drop, making them more harmful to wildlife. “Anything living in those waterways is really battling to survive,” she said, citing the combination of severe temperatures. According to Konrad Fisher, director of the Water Climate Trust, salmon species and other creatures that depend on them for food are on the verge of extinction in the western United States. Human water resources in the area are also becoming less plentiful. The majority of the western United States’ water supplies have been completely depleted. We become less climate resilient as a result. With our excessive and inefficient water use, we’re still in the 1800s. The river is credited with helping to create civilization by supplying water to the Garden of Eden in the Bible.
But the Tigris is dying right now. Its once-powerful flow through Iraq, where it joined with its twin river, the Euphrates, to form Mesopotamia, which was the birthplace of civilization thousands of years ago, has been stifled by human activity and climate change. Despite being an oil-rich nation, Iraq is nonetheless impoverished due to decades of conflict, as well as desertification and droughts. It is one of the five countries most sensitive to climate change, according to the UN, and has been hit hard by a string of natural disasters.

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