The EBS journalists are coming on tiktok

Everybody has experienced the exasperating situation where they are expected to come up with a wonderful new concept but they are unable to do so, no matter how hard they stare at their computer displays. Then we start to question why we didn’t inherit any of those creative genes ourselves as we observe our friends who are “creative types” over there. But it’s possible that our perspective is incorrect. In reality, many psychologists contend that creativity is a skill that can be learnt rather than a trait that people are born with. You can only grow better at it via practise, just as with any other ability. In this sense, practising cognitive exercises is like building muscle in the brain. Everybody has days when they get at work and can’t stop thinking about their lengthy to-do list. However, concentrating only on the amount of work we have to complete might make us anxious and even make us lose perspective on our own thoughts. A morning freewrite is one way to regain concentration on days like this. According to research by Teresa Amabile of the Harvard Business School, keeping a daily journal at work helps you find your perspective again and boosts productivity.

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