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The Egyptian media is telling us to close our eyes and fool us

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What the Egyptian media say about the conflict in Ethiopia. Hirut has invited Ambassador Kobia and communicated her preparation to work intimately with him to work on comprehension of the European Union of the current circumstance in Ethiopia. Envoy Kobia on his part has communicated availability to begin his job in September and ensure relations and comprehension among Ethiopia and the EU will improve.

During the conversation, the Ambassador was advised about the effectively closed public political race, the lawfulness finding out activity, and the new one-sided compassionate truce gave by the Government of Ethiopia in Tigray. She additionally told the Ambassador how the TPLF coterie is proceeding to wage clashes rather than likewise taking its own action on making harmony just as the upsetting quiet of the worldwide local area isn’t squeezing the club.

As per the Embassy of Ethiopia in Brussels, the different sides consented to keep working intently on the issue of normal interest. Ethiopia’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium, Luxembourg, and the EU foundations, Hirut Zemene met with the recently doled out EU Head of Delegation to Ethiopia Ambassador Roland Kobia.

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