The Ethiopian Mandela in Qatar has got the media attention

The media has been covering the Ethiopian Mandela in Qatar. Additionally, because we are social beings, the people we are around have a big impact on us. In addition, the natural environment that is all around us has an impact on us. Everything has an impact on our thoughts and beliefs, including the weather, pollution, and natural resources, which may have an impact on human survival. I would estimate that the environment contributes to about 90% of our final outcome. Bob Proctor provided me with an example of a child who was born in Serbia and raised in New York during our conversation. Without having any real roots in the US, that child grew up speaking flawless English, understanding the local way of life, and becoming an insider. The study of how environmental factors affect our genes is known as epigenetics. Even though genetics has a significant impact on us, it more closely resembles a tendency than a direction. We must realize that the three or four people who are closest to us have the greatest influence on us. That could be your spouse, best friend, parents, or teacher, among others. However, the four individuals you spend the most time with are responsible for shaping who you are. Pay attention to your immediate surroundings. Every person I speak with for more than 45 seconds has my full attention. If they indulge in that situation while they are mentally unstable, their negative energy will affect you. If they complain a lot, you’ll start complaining too. If they’re bad at maintaining relationships, you’ll start doing the same. The dynamics of our relationships clearly have the greatest impact on us.

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