The Ethiopian richman who owns his airlines

Ethiopia is on its way to becoming a significant hub for international trade as one of the countries with the fastest growth rates in the world. The Ethiopian men and women who have driven the nation’s spectacular progress come from a variety of social classes, ethnic groups, and religious traditions. Most did not have an easy road to being one of the wealthiest Ethiopians, but they succeeded thanks to an unwavering preoccupation with success. Ethiopians are dispersed as a Diaspora over the world for a variety of reasons, including political, economic, etc. Many of these individuals and women have also accomplished great success and deserve to be listed among the wealthiest Ethiopians. Businessman Tewodros Shiferaw, 44, has a voracious appetite. The father of four spent 12 years living in China and Japan and worked as an importer and exporter, among other things. He moved to Ethiopia in 2008 and started Rosetta General Business, a business that specialises in media and communication as well as hotels, real estate development, and import and export. Despite the significant inflation at the time, Tewodros, a real estate developer, built 142 villas and delivered them to the owners on schedule. But not all of his efforts have been fruitful. In fact, the government was unable to provide him with land on a lease basis for two of his hotel projects in Addis Abeba and Hawassa.

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