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the face mask that only cover the nose

A South Korean mask manufacturer has created a one-of-a-kind mask that only covers the nose and can be worn while eating and drinking. This one-of-a-kind mask is available for purchase on a variety of websites throughout the world. This mask was created by the Korean business Atman and is made up of two sections, one of which can be removed to reveal the mouth. “No different than folks who put their masks below their nose,” another Twitter user noted. The debut of this one-of-a-kind mask has sparked debate on social media, since some believe the virus could enter through the mouth, rendering a mask that does not cover the mouth useless. When you’re among people who aren’t from your household, wearing a mask is a crucial approach to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. However, wearing a mask in every setting, particularly when eating, might be difficult.
As a result, Mexican researchers have devised a solution: nose masks. These masks fit snugly around your nose, allowing you to eat and drink freely. A nose mask is a mask that is designed to fit tightly over your nose. It’s held in place by elastic and resembles a standard face mask, only smaller. Scientist Gustavo Acosta Altamirano created the masks after recognizing the necessity for safety even when people are eating and drinking.

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