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The family that separated for 30 years reunited finally

Ethiopia has the fastest-growing economy in Africa, but a third of the population is still poverty. The majority of Ethiopians live and work in rural areas, with few opportunities to pursue goals beyond meeting their families’ basic needs. The HIV epidemic in the 1980s and 1990s claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of youngsters. Approximately 4.5 million Ethiopian children are orphaned or separated from their families today, while maternal mortality, hunger, and gender inequity continue to plague the country. Holt collaborates with sponsors and supporters to help Ethiopia’s most vulnerable children grow up surrounded by affection from their family. Many Ethiopian families rely on what they can raise on their land to survive. Poverty is common, and only a tiny number of children go to school. Sponsors and gifts to Holt assist families achieve financial stability by sponsoring projects that raise their income and provide children with the nutrition and education they require to reach their full potential. Holt collaborated with a local church to construct a three-room stone schoolhouse in Wallana’s rural southern portion in 2010. With the support of contributions, Holt hired local instructors and social workers and outfitted the school with desks, seats, and chalkboards, while sponsors provided uniforms, books, and materials for the pupils.

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