The famous artist Yetinayet and her source of wealth

A strong woman is one who is acutely conscious of both herself and those around her. She is aware of her identity and her goals. A strong woman is one who is in charge of her activities rather than being weak or unable of taking care of herself. She doesn’t needlessly rely on anyone. She accepts responsibility for her life and strives to choose the best course for the future. For the following reasons, I don’t think someone who fully finances their life is the greatest explanation. Women who are independent can be married, enrolled in college, and living with roommates in an apartment. They can be single, get a divorce, or live in a dorm. Each of these instances involves financial assistance from a third party. That’s a limiting belief, then. In essence, she is reflective and not just outwardly focused. She strives to comprehend her feelings and behaviors so that she can better manage circumstances in the future. She actively works to understand herself and her relationships with others since she is aware of where she needs to improve. Given that it influences the majority of the other attributes, this personality feature is one of the most advantageous. She always acts honestly. This DOES NOT IMPLY that she is a cruel person who can tell right from wrong. She doesn’t try to hide her emotions or wait for permission from others before expressing them. She is intelligent and is aware that there is still more to discover. She actively seeks knowledge about subjects that interest her and invests time in doing so. The ones that act as if they are experts on everything most likely are not.

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