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The famous patriot has joined the forces

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The renowned nationalist has joined the powers. The truce was reported in accordance with political, social, and monetary conditions that represented a danger to the power of the country. Diplomat Redwan said the one-sided truce has offered a chance to some compassionate entertainers who were requesting that the public authority let them alone with no safety officers.

The interest for no designated spots and reviews was better met through the withdrawal of antagonism announced by the public authority. The TPLF power in selecting and outfitting offspring of the Tigray district and including them in war disregarding the global philanthropic law, he noted. In any case, he said, the fearmonger TPLF has neglected to regard the truce and used the circumstance to impel a new conflict against regular citizens and public safety powers. He said there are currently some compassionate administrators which are working to arm the psychological oppressor bunch under the appearance of helpful activities. Yet, the public authority won’t endure such interfering in the pretense of philanthropy”

The public authority will be compelled to amend the choice of the one-sided truce and restart law implementation activity except if the psychological oppressor bunch avoids its antagonism, he added, considering the global-local area to condemn a particularly belligerent of the bandit bunch.

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