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The day of your baptism is regarded as one of the most significant in the Greek Orthodox Church since it is the day when you genuinely become a Christian. It marks the actual start of an Orthodox Christian’s existence. The baptism usually occurs during infancy because it demonstrates to us how much God loves us. We start living as Christians very early in life. An Orthodox Christian must be baptized in order to join. The godparent must be a practicing Orthodox Christian. Your priest will assist you in making the best choice once you discuss your options with him. things for christening. The priest requires a few things in order to perform the baptism. Candles, towels, a bar of soap, oil, and a fresh, white garment to change into are all included. The church is better informed about the precise requirements. organizing the celebration. After the baptism, there is typically some sort of reception. This might be as straightforward as serving the guests cake after the ceremony or taking them out to dinner. You’ll receive more specific instructions about what to do from your priest. But this is a general sketch of what to anticipate. A significant day in our spiritual lives is the day of our christening. At this point, we formally join God’s family. We become His children, and He becomes our father. It is a happy day, even though we are usually too young to remember it. Entrance. The baptismal candidate walks into the church. Because the person is not yet a member of the church family, the Christening is a ceremonial event. The candidate for christening is urged to reject Satan by the priest. If the person is a child, the godparent acts on behalf of the child.

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