The famous tiktoker with a unique mediation

Have a little fun Why was the drowsy bicycle unable to stand up on its own? because it was overly worn out! (Put a smirk or an eye roll here) Every single day of our lives, humor is all around us. Comedy is all around us, whether it be in the form of amusing images or videos, jokes from friends, TV shows, or motion pictures. It is a component of daily life that has been incorporated into our society. The very act of living has fundamentally altered the course of American history. If we didn’t have the capacity for laughter or the people who can make us laugh, to be honest, we might not even be alive today. Comedy has aided people in enduring difficult times from the 1930s to the present, challenged social norms, and informed Americans about political influence. Although there have been many failures in our past from which we have emerged, few people are aware of the crucial role comedy has played. Comedy and movies were significant in aiding Americans in the Great Depression in getting over their financial difficulties. People would enter the theater, in this gloomy cavern, and it would lift their spirits. People frequently assume incorrectly that comedy can be used as a diversion from serious issues or that it is inappropriate for communicating about serious issues because it is funny and entertaining. However, our research demonstrates that comedy’s capacity to captivate and inspire people about difficult issues is actually due to its humor and entertainment value. Comedy engages viewers and forges a strong emotional bond with them, which in turn can motivate participation and action. Modern social justice issues have recently been significantly influenced by digital-era mediated comedy, which includes satirical news, sitcoms, sketch, stand-up, and funny documentaries.

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