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The father of Amanuel speak about his son

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At the start, it is essential to arrive at an agreement on the gigantic danger that the passing, injury, common liberties infringement, removal, serious mental harms, annihilation, and plundering of hard-procured properties, the expansion of captivated and fanatic positions, because of the assault did on the third of October, welcomed on the altruism of individuals to live calmly and in concordance.

As I began the enormous obligations depended on me to limit the harm and wounds, mend them and change the target reality on the ground through measures with the soul of pardoning and responsibility towards guaranteeing harmony, I am sure to get full help from individuals of the district, the central government, the whole individuals of Ethiopia, the diaspora local area and the global local area for the accomplishment of my main goal.

Comprehend that the target reality in the Tigray locale, especially in recognizing issues and discover arrangements, needs the comprehension of the main drivers and the effect of the essential issues just as discover practical arrangements that would be carried out stage by stage with the assent of individuals, responsibility and with courage.

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