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The federal court decision on Keria Ibrahim

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“I invite Senator Jim Inhofe, a companion to Ethiopians, to his second home Ethiopia,” the Premier said on Facebook. The two are relied upon to have conversations on different issues in regards to the most recent improvements in Ethiopia. It is to be reviewed that Jim Inhofe went against the visa limitations forced on Ethiopia by the Biden Administration a week ago. He tweeted that “Ethiopia needs our help as they work to end the partisan savagery.”

Jim Inhofe, a Senator from Oklahoma, is in finished resistance against the U.S choice to force visa limitations on Ethiopians on top of monetary and security help. “I go against the cumbersome visa limitations from the Biden Administration. Ethiopia needs our help as they work to end partisan viciousness. Activities like this don’t assist us with getting a serene goal,” the Senator tweeted. We approach the U.S. organization to audit its choice of approval and stop unfamiliar forces intruding in the interior undertakings of Ethiopia,” he said. Another demonstrator, Tsehay Demissie, evoked the new U.S. sanctions forced on Ethiopia has not pondered the reality on the ground.

“As a matter of first importance, we need mentioned the U.S. organization to rethink and pull out its choice,” he said, adding “I called upon Ethiopians to reinforce their association and participation to oppose meddling of unfamiliar forces in the homegrown issues of their nation.” Following the authorizations forced on Ethiopia a week ago, the Government of Ethiopia has made its position clear that it won’t be discouraged by this lamentable choice of the U.S. organization.


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