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The feeling of the army is beyond anger

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The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) asserted it has killed many Ethiopian public fighters including those from Eritrea, as indicated by a report composed by Kenya’s Daily Nation.

TPLF said it killed 502 soldiers who were supposedly engaged with a hostile in Ethiopia’s northern area last week. The battling additionally left various fighters injured by Tigray Defense Forces (TDF) representative Gebre Gebretsadik.

“On Monday, February 8, our powers dispatched a tactical hostile against adversary troops positioned around Kola-Temben town in the Juwamare area. We have totally wiped out adversary powers,” said Gebre in a meeting with Dimtsi Woyane (DW) TV.

“On the following day, our powers assaulted foe guard positions around Tembein town in Adi-Chilo region and killed 358 soldiers,” he added.

“No less than 150 were additionally injured,” he said, adding “reinforcement powers were sent yet were beaten.”

TDF additionally professed to have seized and annihilated various military equipment including five tanks, 177 rockets, 22 military vehicles, a few weapons, and correspondence offices.

In November, Ethiopia’s official capture warrants for in excess of 60 senior heads of the TPLF however the whereabouts of Chairman Debrestion Gebremichael and numerous other TPLF pioneers is obscure.

In mid-December, the Ethiopian armed force declared that it would offer compensation of around 200,000 euros for data on their area.

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