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the first day we met she cried

You’ll gain empathy for others because you’ll be able to forgive yourself for your own failings and worries, which will allow you to do the same for others. You will be filled with compassion.
Above all, when you face yourself, you learn to let go. The goal of self-sabotage is to protect yourself. But, ironically, it fails to do so. You cling to the wrong things and are ruled by dread. Feeling unworthy is like trying to feel the sun on your skin while wearing a dark, thick cloak in the summer. This will never happen.

After losing the love of your life, you learn that love is a two-edged sword. It has the power to make us feel incredibly connected to the rest of the world and to fill our hearts to bursting. It can also rip our hearts apart, allowing unpleasant emotions to pour forth for a long time.

And one of the most difficult places to be is when you’re filled with remorse, guilt, and anguish over the loss of someone you consider too great to recover from. The person that was always there for you, loved you, and supported you through thick and thin because they believed in you. They are, however, no longer present.

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