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The five beautiful Ethiopian Tiktokers

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Begun by Berlin local people and beloved companions Anna Papadopoulos and Welella Negussie, both realized they needed to emphatically affect the world yet didn’t know precisely how. “We both experienced childhood in Berlin with the Ethiopian culture through Welella’s family, who acquainted us with the nation’s food and the lovely materials. We have consistently adored the comfortable cotton covers and cloaks,” shares Papadopoulos.

Yet, an excursion to Wenchi Crater Lake close to Addis Ababa established their future drive that it would be Ethiopia that they would help sway the world through style frill. “It was our joint excursion to Ethiopia that started our advantage in beginning a social business that would affect neighborhood networks,” proceeds with Papadopoulos. “We were shocked by the excellence of Ethiopia and her kin and were intrigued by the extraordinary capability of this East African country.

Thus, we thought, if the world just thought about what this excellent nation has to bring to the table. It was there and afterward that we chose to fabricate a brand that would inspire the Ethiopian people group. Through our families and companions in Germany, we had effectively gotten extraordinary input on our cloaks and covers that we brought back from our movements.

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