The former husband of Emama Shashe is still in Addis Ababa

Never should you have to pause and consider what you’re about to say. You ought to pay more attention to how you pronounce things. The only way to reach to this point is to repeatedly practise your lines, trying to remember them without looking at the script. So that you may realistically bounce the dialogue back and forth, ask a friend to perform the other roles. As you read, experiment with the lines. See how your character is affected by using them in a variety of ways and with various inflections or emphasises.
Making a recording of yourself and reviewing it later can help you see little errors or pick up new delivery techniques. If you have already been given the part, meet with the director to discuss any specific directions they would like to take the project in. Briefly share your thoughts about the character and how you envision them advancing the project’s themes, then solicit their input as well. Keep in mind that your role is to benefit the project as a whole, not just you. You must possess the ability to accept suggestions and helpful criticism with grace. If you are going to an audition and don’t yet have the part, choose a direction for the character and stay with it. Avoid trying to speak to someone in their preferred manner. Read the notes instead, and prepare the lines.

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