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The funny situation that happened with Ayalkebet

They are crushed by the endowment of a sweetheart! The amusing circumstance that occurred on Ayalkebet. For the guiding test, the principal sections of the new books have been examined and shipped off the chosen schools. The expense of the last books will be excessively colossal. The expense will be determined once the data sources are incorporated and the ‘camera prepared’ book is ready. Prior, books were printed abroad and delivered. This included overseeing issues including higher costs, longer shipment time, among others. In any case, this time, we chose to print locally.

Abay Printing and Packaging Factory, another state-possessed printing industrial facility introduced in Gelan town, and Educational Materials Production and Distribution Enterprise have been chosen for the undertaking dependent on an assessment of Digital printing machine, adequate paper stock, and productivity. The Educational Materials Production and Distribution Enterprise situated in Addis Ababa has as of now begun printing the books to be directed.

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