The girl I love had a bodyguard all the time

Are you unsure if you’re actually falling in love with someone? You’ve probably already questioned a close friend or member of your family about the warning indicators. And if they’re like most people, their response was probably something like “you just know,” “it’s hard to describe,” or another similarly evasive statement, all of which are obviously not very helpful. But just as there is no fixed guideline for how long it takes to fall in love, there is also no defined method for determining whether the feelings you are experiencing are genuine. Some people recognize the sentiments in an instant, while others do so over the course of months or even years of modest actions. Despite this, there are certain typical (and scientifically supported) signs that you’re probably falling in love, and we’re not referring to the all-pervasive “can’t eat, can’t sleep” sensations that indicate you’re living a true-to-life rom-com. For instance, you could feel compelled to discuss even the most little details of your day with your partner, and you might find that their hobbies unexpectedly start to overlap with your own. You could also subtly begin changing your schedule to accommodate your lover. Naturally, you could begin to wonder—or perhaps even daydream—about the time when your special someone would declare their love for you as well. We’ve consulted therapists, academics, and other relationship specialists to get their advice on the telltale signs that you’re actually falling in love. The only thing left to do is get ready to pronounce those three important words.

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