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the girl with a beautiful voice

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You should know how to keep your singing voice healthy if you sing in a choir or a rock band, onstage or in the shower. After all, the condition of your voice can make or break your performance. Thankfully, singers’ vocal health isn’t overly complicated. You’ll be able to sing your heart out with a little common sense and insider knowledge on vocal-health tips. Your voice cords are your instrument as a singer. A cello would never be used to paddle a canoe, and a flute would never be used to whack a golf ball. In the same way, you should never misuse your voice. You’ll be able to use your entire range and generate a rich, pure, tuneful voice if your vocal chords are healthy. Even if you’re more Iron Maiden than Iolanthe, your vocal health should be your top priority if you want to pursue a career as a singer. The vocal cords, also known as the vocal folds, are two triangular bands of tissue at the top of the windpipe. They remain open as you breathe and shut when you speak or sing, pushing tighter for higher notes and remaining loose for lower notes. Your vocal chords should be silky, smooth, flexible, and inflammation-free. Allergies, secondhand and firsthand smoke, tension, overuse, and abuse (such as screaming) can all be harmful to your voice. Vocal cords that are irritated or inflamed won’t close properly, preventing you from striking higher notes in your range and producing a harsher sound.

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