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The Grammy award winner asked her an interesting question

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People who doubt your potential, try to dissuade you from your intended pursuits, and use fear-based persuasion to keep you under their control or get you to agree with their viewpoint so you can do as they say will inevitably exist whenever you begin a new pursuit or enter a new stage in life (school, jobs, side hustles, entrepreneurship, lifestyle changes). It can be discouraging, and you may feel as if you’re the problem, unable to do what you know is best for you because of how much they’ve doubted you and concocted bleak future scenarios for you without taking into account the unique things you have to offer or the skills you have the potential to develop. They despise you because you are young, naive, and foolish for having an adventurous spirit and a strong desire to do what you want to do. Most of the time, they don’t think you’ll make it because they believe you’re not doing something practical, and they define you narrowly based on your prior mistakes. They also have a warped understanding of what it means to be a valuable person, and they most likely believe that achieving outwardly visible goals is the only way for people to demonstrate their success. Their limited vision just serves to reinforce their attachment to their own self-image, which they want to protect because they are afraid of anyone else doing anything new that has the potential to be revolutionary.

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