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The groom is no show on the wedding day

Women in many other wealthy countries, like American women, are marrying later and delaying having children. A growing number of people are opting for a quiet life as singles. Women in Japan and South Korea, on the other hand, are making public commitments to remain unmarried. To make a statement about their commitment to a life without traditional marriage, Japanese women are purchasing wedding gowns and holding weddings without a groom. Mari Miura, a political science professor at Tokyo’s Sophia University, told a New York Times reporter that Japanese women “had to give up so many things…so many freedoms and so much independence” when they married. Women in Japan receive minimal childcare or housekeeping help from their husbands due to the strong and demanding male job ethic. “Their married friends with children serve as a cautionary tale for Japanese single women,” writes Motoko Rich in her New York Times article.
Traditional mothers and grandmothers in South Korea serve as reminders of the life they don’t wish to live. Less than half of women in South Korea believe marriage is necessary. One of these women, Baeck Ha-na, spoke with Bloomberg News. She’s a YouTube personality and accountant who “promotes the ‘live-alone’ existence” to a large female audience.

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