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The guy who eats soil and rock

This Indian is addicted to eating bricks, stones, and mud, which may sound strange and unsettling. Pakkirappa Hunagundi, a 30-year-old Karnataka man, has Pica, a disorder that causes him to crave inedible foods. As a result, the man consumes at least 3 kilos of bricks, gravel, and mud every day. Hunagundi developed a taste for garbage at the tender age of ten, generally anything that one would avoid eating. As a result, he began munching on walls and streets while claiming no negative consequences. This strange craving is thought to be a symptom of Pica, a disease that causes sufferers to crave foods that have no nutritional value. Hunagundi has been rejecting all suggestions linked to this disorder, while being perfectly healthy and fine after 20 years of such munching. ‘I’ve been eating bricks and rocks for nearly two decades.’ They’re delicious to eat. As reported, he stated, “It has become a part of my life.” ‘I’ve had no negative side effects.’ My teeth are in perfect condition. ‘I can easily bite through the hardest stone,’ he claimed. His family, particularly his mother, has tried for nearly two decades to persuade him to give up this habit, but she has been unsuccessful.

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